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  2. Forest cottage

Forest cottage

  • All 5 old cottages

    【Charge】   All prices include tax
    Building for 5 or 6 people 16,500 yen          
    Building for 10 people 27,500 yen
    Winter Season(November to April) 
    17,600 yen for 5 or 6 people       
    Building for 10 people 29,700 yen
    ※Reception will be prepaid at the park management office

    【Open Hours】
    Check-in from 15:00 Check-out the next day 10:00

    Please make a reservation by phone from 5 months in advance.
    Inquiries Park Management Office 0265-76-00480265-78-5835

  • Relaxing space
  • kitchen

1st floor

  • Modular bathroom
  • Two heating wire stoves 
  • 2nd floor
    Beds are for the number of people Futons are available Sheets are self-contained
  • Outside BBQ space
    Net iron plate is available for rent(1,000 yen each)
    1 bundle of firewood (500 yen) 6 kg of charcoal (1,500 yen) available for sale

    Please use fire here