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Surrounding tourism

  • Oshiba Plateau"Oshiba Plateau" hot spring "

    • 【YouTube video page opens】


      Fureai Koryu Center Oshiba-no-Yu is a hot spring facility that relaxes relaxingly while enjoying the colors of the four seasons and forest bathing in the clear air of Shinshu Oshiba Plateau.It is fully equipped with abundant hot spring water overflowing with a large bathtub, a large communal bath, a Milky Bus Directly From The Source bath that is good for beauty and health, an open-air bath, and a sauna.

      General (junior high school students and above) 500 yen
      Children (elementary school students) 300 yen
      infants and toddlers          Free

      Family bath(reserved)
      Usage fee 2,000 yen (1 hour 30 minutes) Reservation required

      Business hours / holidays
      From 10:00 to 21:30(Until reception 21:00)
      holiday:Every thursday(It may be temporarily closed due to equipment inspection etc.)

      Contact us
      TEL : 0265-76-2614
      Minamiminowa Village 2358-5

      P(Parking) : 200 units
    • 【Footbath】

      Anyone can use footbath adjoining the Oshiba Kogen Aji Kobo free of charge.
      Wrapped in the fragrance of the forest ... Listen to the chirping of birds ... Please relax.

      Oshiba Kogen Aji Kobo
      2358-5 Minamiminowa Village, Kamiina County, Nagano Prefecture
      TEL & FAX:(0265) 76-0054

      Opening Hours:10:00 to 17:00
      Regular holiday:Thursday ※Changed to every Wednesday from September 2023
      Access by car ... 3km from Ina IC, about 5 minutes

      Towels can be purchased at the shop for 200 yen
  • "Eat" at the Oshiba Plateau

    • The core of Michi-no-Eki "Oshiba Plateau".We handle processed products of local products such as cafes, direct sales corners for agricultural products, bread, and Oyaki.

      Oshiba Plateau, "Taste Workshop"

      Taste Workshop, you can enjoy delicious agricultural products made by local farmers, handmade bread made with local ingredients, gelato, which has become very popular as a return for hometown tax payments, and sweets made with Oyaki and black beans. We sell "eyeballs" and so on.

      Also, at the cafe corner, we are offering "Galette", a crepe of buckwheat flour from Kamiina!

      The taste produced by the famous store "LE BRETAGNE" in Tokyo is rapidly gaining attention as a new specialty of the Oshiba Plateau.

      TEL(Combined with FAX):0265-76-0054 
      Address:Minamiminowa Village 2358-5
      Parking lot: 40 units

      【Opening Hours】
      Cafe Monday to Sunday    From 10:00 to 18:00(Order stop 17:30)    
      Bread &Oyaki Studio    From 09:30 to 17:00
      Direct sales office         From 09:30 to 18:00

      Non-business day:Every thursday※Changed to every Wednesday from September 2023
  • "Play & Sports" at Oshiba Plateau

    • Sports Park facility

      Sports facilities such as baseball fields, general playgrounds, tennis courts, and indoor playgrounds
      It is fulfilling.

      After exercising, refresh Oshiba-no-Yu day trip hot spring, Oshiba no Yu.
      Weakly alkaline hypotonic hot springs are effective in relieving neuralgia and fatigue.
      It is fully equipped with a sauna, hot spring pool, milky bath, etc., and has the effect of healing a tired body.
      Let's sweat as much as we can!
    • Multipurpose coat

      【Mallet Golf Course/Tennis court】

      ●Mallet Golf Course
      Super flat and full-scale 54 holes!
      Popular as a casual golf game for children to seniors
      Charge:200 yen per person or 5,000 yen per year

      Equipment rental is available for 300 yen separately

      Usage time:From 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
      ●Tennis court
      Omni Court(3 sides):1 side 1 hour 1000 yen
      clay(6 sides):One side 1 hour 500 yen
    • 【baseball Ground·Athletic stadium/Indoor playground】

      ●baseball Ground·Athletic stadium

      Usage fee
      【5 am to 8 am】    "8 am to noon"
      One side 1,000 yen     One side 1,500 yen
      2,000 yen for the entire surface      All over 3,000 yen
      【From noon to 5 pm】   【5 pm to 7 pm】
      One side 1,500 yen     One side 1,000 yen
      All over 3,000 yen      2,000 yen for the entire surface
      ※Single-sided use only at athletics stadium

      ●Indoor playground
       From 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
      (Board of education registration groups until 9 pm)
      ·Arena:Full use 1 hour 2,100 yen
      (Estimated size:3 tennis courts, 1 futsal court)
      ·Lighting rent:Full irradiation 1 hour 600 yen

      other, Multipurpose room(Meeting room)PerfectionIn case of use consult us separately.
      Contact us
      Oshiba Park Administration Office TEL 0265-78-5835 Wired 78-5835
  • "Experience" at Oshiba Plateau

    • 【Love Call Bell】

      "Ringing three times will fulfill love ..."
      The Love Call Bell was given by the town in 1992, the year after it formed a sister city tie-up with Toi Town (currently Izu City) in Toi Town, Shizuoka Prefecture, which is known as "Lover's Cape".
      It is set on the bank of Oshibako (lake) where waterfowl play.
      It is a sight of a couple who visits the plateau as "When you ring with people you like, love comes true ...".
    • 【Camp】

      ―A rich forest and hot springs―
      - Fulfilling sports and recreation facilities -

      Oshiba Kogen Auto Campsite is a Camp beginner to a veteran
      We have facilities that you can enjoy with peace of mind!
      Fully equipped facilities such as a kitchen and tent site.
      Camp fire at the Shinsui Park.
      Please spend a comfortable and impressive moment.

      ■Facility Information
      ·Auto Bungalow (4 to 6 for 5 to 6 people, with power) ... Tables, chairs and oven at each site
      ·Auto camp site(32 sites, can drive in and out)
      ·Kitchen / flush toilet / campfire circle
    • 【Guidance】

      ■Information on rates(tax included)

      Auto bungalow 7,600 yen 
      Auto camp site 4,300 yen (1 site,1 tent)

      Cottage (for 5 or 6 people) 16,500 yen
      Cottage (for 10 people) 27,500 yen
      New cottage (for 10 people) 44,000 yen

      Rental tent 1,500 yen
      Blanket rental 500 yen 
      Mat 500 yen Firewood (1 bundle) 500 yen
      Charcoal (6 kg) 1500 yen

      Iron plate / net (for cottage) 1000 yen each

      ■usage period
      From April 1st to October 31st (only cottages are open year-round.November to April winter season fee included)

      check-in… 15:00, check out… 10: 00

      ■Contact us
      Oshiba Park Administration Office
      2358-5 Minamiminowa Village, Kamiina County, Nagano Prefecture
      TEL 0265-78-5835