※Please see "Blog / Notice" about the suspension of business of Oshibaso
Oshiba Plateau Oshibaso Oshiba Kogen Currently closed


The plateau sports and resort hotel "Oshibaso", which is surrounded by trees, is currently closed.
Park within the facility day spa Oshiba-no-Yu direct sale place Taste Workshop forest Oshiba-no-Yu is open.

New Cottage Yasuragi Building Warmth Building Information

  • Click here to see the new cottage Yasuragi Building Warmth Building

    This is an introduction page of the new cottage Yasuragi Building Warmth Building.

    In addition to the peace and warmth building, there are 5 old cottages in the cottage.

    The facilities, fees, and capacity of each building are different.
    The equipment and TVs listed in the new cottage are not available in the old cottage.
    If you plan to use the previous cottage, please bring it with you.
    For inquiries such as reservations, please call us.

    Oshibaso ℡0265-76-0048

Information on Goto Travel Campaign ※Not currently doing

  • About reservation

    Please note:To those who reserve the plan for Goto campaign
    The discount for the GoTo Travel Campaign will not be applied when the reservation for this plan is completed.
    After making a reservation, go to the STAY NAVI service and continue the GoTo campaign discount.
    After issuing the coupon, the discount will be applied by presenting the GoTo Travel Campaign discount coupon number issued by STAY NAVI to the front desk.

High-speed road use is also subject to the Go To Travel business! For details, go to STAY NAVI

  • High-speed road use with STAY NAVI is also subject to the Go To travel business!

    Only for travelers who have issued discount coupons at STAYNAVI in collaboration with NEXCO and highway companies nationwide at STAYNAVI, you can reserve a highway tour pass with a 35% discount as a discount target for the Go To travel business. , A new alliance business will start.

    This project is limited to STAY NAVI.

Hotel Facilities

  • front desk

    Change shades from season to season
    Guest room which relaxedly relaxed against background of plateau nature
    Taste of Inadani entertaining the eyes and tongue
  • Banquet Hall

    We have big and small banquet halls.
    It is available for parties and banquets.

    ※All rooms in the hall will be non-smoking.
    Please use cigarettes in the 1F lobby smoking area.
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2358-5 Minamiminowa Village, Kamiina County, Nagano Prefecture

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Approximately 15 minutes by car from Ina-Kita Station / approximately 10 minutes by car from Ina IC
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From 8:30 am to 5:30 pm(Closed Friday, Thursday, Thursday)